Raptor PWA Slalom


Optimum sizing: 38-58cm
Fin Bases are: tuttle or power box in all sizes, deep tuttle box available from 42-58cm
All boxes have 6mm threads. ¼” thread available upon custom request

Custom sizes available in 1cm increments on request

Speed,  Power and Grip, with superb trim  with a  controlled level  lift , designed to release the larger boards, allowing them to perform to their full potential . Recommended to power and lift the wide,  short,  wetted surface of the mid to large size  boards…  


"I have been working with Dennis and Tectonics Maui for over 25 years and in that time he has come up with a number of huge break throughs in fin design and performance…..   Well another one has just came along and blown these past ones away.  This new  Raptor has all the top end speed I need while screaming down the first reach trying to get the hole shot at the first mark.  But not only does it have mind blowing top end speed it has great low end power and grip that is needed to get around the race course.  Top speed is critical in a slalom heat but you also need a fin that keeps the power on when going through lulls or when you need to pinch up above someone and out of their dirty air.  That low end power is also critical out of the turns, having something strong to pump against and power to get up and planning quickly.  The Raptor  truly did it all to perfection for me in Noumea my first event on this new fin.  In the past I have mainly only been able to get this low end reliability out of a carbon fin but now not only do I get the superior top end speed of Tectonics  but I also get that much needed low end power and grip from this newly designed Raptor!!!"

Micah Buzianis, PWA professional

" wow. Yes, Raptor, the best skeg I have used.   I have had a lot of days on the 47 Raptor.  It kicked butt in my full range of sails 9.2 - 6.5 over and under powered.  Thanks Dennis!"
"These Raptor’s go one step further. The speed is exceptional, the positive grip inspires confidence, the flex patters both frees the board and serves as a shock absorber … makes the fin  very accessible to Pro and aspirant alike. Maybe your best fin yet Dennis”
Kanaha Sailor
"Very fast, very, positive grip and yet allows the board to ride free. The Raptor's  efficientcy allows downsizing, maintaining the power and increasing the speed."
Maui test report


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