Frequently Asked Questions


For consultation, express delivery, custom orders, large order pricing, dealers and distributors, contact Dennis Parton - 375 W. Kuiaha Rd #15 - Haiku, Hawaii 96708  

What sets Tectonics apart?

All Tectonics fins are produced by our expert team on Maui in a state of the art machine and hand finished by Dennis Parton himself to assure 100% quality every time. We hand pick panels of G10 so that only the finest materials make it into our fins. No corners are ever cut. When you receive your new fins, you will see the difference instantly.

Choosing between Phoenix and Raptor

We keep mentioning power and grip…our fins have always been fast  but these new designs besides being exceptionally fast ….add more power and grip and  range… providing added comfort and ease of use.
The Phoenix settles more in the water giving it an edge in overpowered, choppy, gusty, gnarly conditions. Advantage  in less controlled conditions.
The Raptor has a little more flex  with a power tip ….providing a controlled and level lift and shock absorption to improve the top end of the wider, bigger boards. Advantage in more controlled conditions.
This is a nuanced difference. Both fins are exceptional throughout the size range and you can not go wrong with either one. But in general ... the smaller fin sizes lean towards the Phoenix and the larger fin sizes lean towards the Raptor …. the mid sizes (around 37/38) can lean  either way …..depending on the boards and conditions you are using them in.
The range of these fins is incredible, it is easy to mistakenly use them over and under sized since they keep performing … though they are the fastest in the correct size.


Do you have an onshore and down the line wave fin?

No, we have developed a fin that works in both side shore and onshore conditions. For onshore conditions, you can choose a bigger Wizard setup and the scaling of the fins naturally makes the longer fins slightly more upright, giving more lift for onshore conditions.

Choosing the correct base.

Pricing Includes standard depth tuttle, or power box.
Add $10 for deep tuttle available in sizes 44 to 58cm.
Boards that have deep tuttle boxes do not necesserily require a deep tuttle base fin. The Deep tuttle base has structural advantages to support the larger fins . Deep tuttle bases are not required on fin sizes under 44cm, it only adds unnessecary weight with no performance increase.
A regular tuttle base fin fits perfectly in a deep tuttle box. The only difference is using a slightly longer screw.
Fin Bases are tuttle, deep tuttle or power box …...with 6mm threads.
¼” thread available upon custom request
Wave and Freeride and Weed fins also available in US standard Chinook style base.

Kite racing fins available.

Professional Kite Racing Tour , Word Title winning Tectonics kite racing fins are available on request

Speed fins available.

Our delta style Hornet and Nomad symmetrical speed fins are available on request

Advantages of CNC foiled G-10 fins

Tectonics Maui uses only the highest quality G-10 panels specifically made to our demanding custom standards.
Our precision manufacturing process and quality control guarantees quality
Consistency, Durability, Repairability

Why upgrade my old Tectonics fins.

Yes, we know ….your older Tectonic fins are still working great …..Tectonics fins have always been exceptionally  fast and great performers. . In the hands of the top Pro sailors they  they are and have been winning world class races for over 20 years.
What the latest evolutions achieve…. is to add increased range, grip, confidence, accessibility, and shock absorption.…..of course we continue to refine the top end. So world class performance that is accessible to you …. at your local playground.

Pricing and sizing structure

Phoenix and Raptor Slalom fins available in sizes 24 to 58cm
Regular tuttle and power base available in all sizes 24 to 58cm
Deep tuttle avilable sizes 42 to 58cm add $10 for deep tuttle option sizes 42 to 58cm

Up to 34cm $210
36 to 40cm $220
42 to 46cm $230 DT $240
48 to 52cm $240 DT $250
54 to 58cm $250 DT $260
Fins are available in 2cm incrments, ie: 28,30,32,34 etc
Fins are also available in 1cm incrments, ie: 29,30,31,32,33,34,35 etc by special request

Fin screw threads for tuttle, deep tuttle and power base are standard M6- 6mm
1/4" available by special request,

Falcon Freeride fins available in sizes 24 to 42cm
Fin bases available: tuttle, power base, US base
up to 34cm $195
36 to 40cm $205
42cm $215

Weed Demon pricing and fin box options:
Fin bases available: US base, power base, regular tuttle base
add $10 for deep tuttle base available only in sizes 38 and 41cm

current sizes available 21cm to 41cm 21,23,25,27,29,31,33,35,38,41cm

Powerbox 21-29 $195
Powerbox 33-38 $230
USBox 21-29 $175
TuttleBox 21-29 $210
TuttleBox 33-38 $245
Deep Tuttle 38-41 $255
WEED DEMON fin/sail sizing chart  
41                                           8.5 +
38cm                                      8.0-9.5
35 cm                                     7.8-8.5
33 cm                                     6.0-7.8
31 cm                                     5.5-7.0
29 cm                                     5.0-6.5
27 cm                                     4.5-6.0
25 cm                                     4.2-5.3
23 cm                                     3.7-4.7
21 cm                                     3.2-4.5

Wave Wizard pricing and fin box options:
Fin bases available US, Slot, Mini Tuttle, tuttle and power base available in single fins only
sizes available,, to be determined,,
Quads $299
Tri's $249.00
Twins $199.00
Single $169.00


For in-stock fins, 1-2 business days from time of order. For made to order sizing, 10 days from time of order.



1-8 fins/ or wave sets of fins $20 via large USPS Priority Mail
9+ fins Free US Shipping via USPS Priority Mail


1 fin / wave set $40.00
each additional fin or wave set $10

Free International shipping on orders over 5 fins / wave sets


Tectonics Maui guarantees materials and workmanship for 3 months from date of purchase.