About us

Dennis Parton has over 25 years of experience, designing world title winning fins for many of the top professional windsurfers on the PWA World Tour.

This heritage has led him to the development of the finest G-10 fin production facility on the planet. Our machines and software are state of the art and Tectonics only uses the finest, hand selected panels of G-10 available on the market.

Every single fin is hand-finished to exacting specifications and no fin is delivered without Dennis's personal inspection and approval. 

Tectonics Maui CNC foiled fins have probably seen more competitive wins than all other manufacturers combined over the last 25 years. Here are some of the pro riders who have been successful on our fins:
Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Antoine Albeau, Ross Williams, Arnon Dagan, Anders Bringdal, Micah Buziannis, Jimmy Diaz, Finian Maynard, Kevin Pritchard, Korosh Kiani, Mateus Isac, Sebastian Kornum, Karin Jaggi,Matt Pritchard, Robby Naish, Phil McGain, Bruce Peterson, Mark Pederson, Pascal Maka, Steve Allen, Robbie Radis, Devon Boulon, Nevin Sayre, Robert Teritihou, and the list goes on...


Tectonics fins have World Titles in Both PWA Professional Windsurfing and the Professional Kite Racing Tour in course racing and slalom ..

Dennis Parton
Design Engineer, Tectonics Maui

The new Tectonics Fury tested far superior to my current race fins, I had better top end speeds as well as overall speeds due to way better control and much less effort to sail and get the most speed out of my rig and board.  The Fury trimmed my board so nice, made it very easy to keep the board down in strong gusts and choppy conditions allowing me to keep the gas on longer and harder.  These high quality cnc'd G-10 fins still blow away any carbon moulded fins for me in sail sizes 7.7 and down

Micah Buzianiz - PWA Professional 

I’ve had the pleasure to use tectonics fins for over 20 years. Dennis has always been on the leading edge of technology and design.
I have been very happy with the talons but the first time testing the NEW Fury’s gave me a new sense of speed and control

Phil McGain - PWA Professional

The Fury made a huge difference in terms of stability and speed, comparin with the t43 (38). No more tail ridings and really faster

José Morales

Today we tested the Fury, amazing fin ! super speed ! Sander has his fastest run ever!  70km 10sec with 7.8 on his PD 115

Tjitse Spitse  Netherlands 

I really like the Fury ! I'm used to the Talon, witch also is a fantastic fin, but the Fury is even crispier and faster. Thanks !!
Morten Gilboe - Norway

Blistering acceleration with complete control when overpowered..

Eric Lemire.

I rode the 37 Phoenix yesterday pretty lit up on my 7.8 & Roberts 110 board.  Felt great right from first reach.  Super positive grip without putting the nose of my board down.  I was by myself so I can't say definitively how fast I was, but it felt really smooth and slippery.  Its been a while since I've like a G10 fin bigger than a 34.  Nice work!

Bruce, Sailworks