Phoenix PWA Slalom


Optimum sizing: 28-38cm
Fin Bases are: tuttle or power box in all sizes, deep tuttle box available from 42-58cm
All boxes have 6mm threads. ¼” thread available upon custom request

Custom sizes available in 1cm increments on request

Super fast and rock solid stable  with Power and Grip.  Great Control with level trim even  in the gnarliest conditions.

Our NO compromise Slalom Race fin for handling powered up, petal to the metal, race conditions….  Yet,  easy and approachable in a variety of conditions, even to the aspirant.  Some of the top finishers on the PWA Tour are on these exact fins. 


I managed to win our first Slalom race here in Mauritius with the New Tectonics Phoenix. The wind was perfect, 20/25knts, I was using I sonic 107 2016, loft racing Blade 2016 7m and the Phoenix 37cm. This was the perfect combo to give me perfect control in the big chop! I am so happy with the performance of the Phoenix, the board stay in perfect control and can freely accelerate. The wind shifted a bit so we had some up wind and it was still great. Also, it is no only efficient but also really pleasant to ride with. Compare to all carbon fins I try, this one give enought grip, lift just right, but better control full speed and in the Jibe. Can't wait for my next windsurf session because that make long time I haven't took so much pleasure doing slalom!
Fabrice Boulle
Actual   conversation between the fin maker, Tectonics Maui and top  PWA racer, Ross Williams ,,,, at Fuertaventura, Canary Islands.
"Hey Ross,,, 
Wow !, You're the man!  Watching live this am,, could see you making that decision after the final mark, to settle in safe or put the hammer down and go for it ! Board trimmed beautifully and could see and feel the acceleration,,   Good move !   AWESOME !!!   Congratulations Ross,  What a skillful performance ! " 
"Hi Dennis
Thanks man, i probably couldn't have done it without the Phoenix. Thanks for your help. !!"
Ross Williams, PWA Professional
Hey DP,
Got to try the 32 Phoenix today! I was on a older Fury 30 for the first two hours (25-30 knot wind on a 5.9 TRX and an 85 ltr Falcon)- so dialed in I couldn’t make myself stop to change fins. Eventually I said “take a goddamn second and try the new one”.....So, as dialed in as I thought I was before I put the Phoenix in, it was a huge improvement once I changed. Specifically, even though I changed up to a 32 from the 30, the larger Phoenix pinned down the nose of the board in the most confidence-inspiring way. Was able to move the mast track back a tiny bit and the top end was fantastic. Could concentrate on something other than keeping the board on the water. Only had about 30 mins on it before the wind wound down, but very impressed. Don’t know how you do it, but I love a fin that helps keep the board down and trimmed when wound up.
Looking forward to flying the Weed Demon later in the week. You the man.

I rode the 37 Phoenix yesterday pretty lit up on my 7.8 & Roberts 110 board. Felt great right from first reach. Super positive grip without putting the nose of my board down. I was by myself so I can't say definitively how fast I was, but it felt really smooth and slippery. Its been a while since I've like a G10 fin bigger than a 34. Nice work!

Bruce PetersonSailworks

As received
Tectonics Phoenix 37 ! WAOW!
 Mauiritius sailor
“The Phoenix made it so easy I did not realize how fast  I was going till I checked my GPS”
Hey Dennis,
Man, if these fins aren’t the most beautiful works of art from even just a purely aesthetic perspective..... Maybe I’ll buy a couple just to have on my wall mounted in a display case to gaze at during the off-season. 

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